Sunday, March 9, 2008

Newsweek Editors' Iraq Knowledge

The Iraq war, at least insofar as numbers are concerned (i.e. money spent, lives lost etc...) is the most important conflict in which the United States has engaged since the second world war. Yet a Newsweek article that ran on February 24, 2008, entitled, Kurdish Battles, Grynville Byford, writes with authority that Iraqi President's name is Jalal Barzani and that the other Kurdish leader in Iraq is Mustafa Talabani!

What Mr. Byford meant was Jalal Talabani, the head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Massoud Barzani, the president of the Kurdistan Regional government who happens to also be the son of the late Musrafa Barzani. Let's do this one more time Newsweek:

Massoud Barzani: President of the Kurdistan Regional Government and head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party
Jalal Talabani: Iraqi President and Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
Mustafa Barzani: deceased since 1979, father of Mr. Massoud Barzani and once the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party

Alright let's assume that Byford messed up, why were his facts not checked by the editors of Newsweek? Why are these clowns considered "experts" when they make these big mistakes?

It's not a type, it is arrogance. Newsweek subscribers do not care about these things, all these leaders are the same to them. They are classified into "good guys" and "bad guys," or even more simplified than that, "the guys that like us" and "those who hate us."

Wake up America, these people may be just Ayrabs to you, but without them, you cannot win the war on terrorism.


Nonadas said...

Hey man, I'm happy I found this blog. You seem to be an inteligent man who understands what is going on in the world. However, few people do including most Iraqis and Americans.

I think your just setting yourself up for disappointment as you seem to think that John McCain will definately be elected. Well, if people weren't such delusional, emotional CHILDREN they would probably vote for McCain. I'm not a big fan of McCain but all the democrats are a dozen times worse! No one offered by the Democrats comes close.

I fear your optimism will prove false and the cowardice of the defeatist left will win, just like it did in Vietnam. Let's hope I'm wrong.

Ted said...

Q&A How can McCain SIMULTANEOUSLY attract both Hillary AND Bob Barr voters? Answer: PALIN Veep!