Saturday, March 8, 2008

Oh Samantha

When I was in college I came across a book called, "A Problem from Hell, America and the Age of Genocide, the author was Samantha Power. If I remember correctly, the book documented the acts of genocide from the Armenian one and up to the conflict in the Balkans, but what bothered me about the book was Power's insistence that America could have done something in preventing all these genocidal campaigns. In a way these Cambridge liberals criticize America by believing, wrongly so, that America can do whatever it wants.

I saw Power once at Harvard, she was giving a public lecture... not too long after that, I saw her name pop up in Time Magazine as one of the top 100 most important people. Then Barack Obama hired her as a foreign policy adviser for his campaign, certainly Power must have dreamt of being the next Condi Rice where, instead of teaching about Darfur to Harvard undergrads, she would be pointing the finger at Omar Bashir's face on behalf of the world's only superpower.

But that dream came to an abrupt end after Ms. Power was reported calling Senator Clinton a "monster," as a result, Samantha Power had to quit her post... I got something to tell Samantha Power whom I admire, it doesn't matter, Obama is not gonna become President anyway and while Hillary is sightly better than Obama, you were not entirely wrong on calling her that.


CMAR II said...

Samantha Powers is all over the map on foreign policy. She was advising Obama that the US should pull its troops out of Iraq, without concern for a resulting genocide, and put them in Darfur to stop a genocide which (while awful) is only tangentially important to US security WHERE THERE IS ACTUALLY A CURRENT FULL-BLOWN CIVIL WAR.

She says the US should have gotten invovled in Turkey and Bosnia but Iraq is none of our business.

I can't decide if Power is a hypocrit or a nut. Perhaps the US should put its soldier's lives and limbs on the line only in places that aren't especially important to its national security.

The Griper said...

mmmm came here from the average american to welcome you aboard the world of blogs. hope you enjoy your trip through cyber space of politics

have to ask though, what ya trying to do, distract us from the message with the pic? lolol