Monday, February 11, 2008

John McCain, the New Leader of the Free World

On a chilly day in Washington DC in mid December of 2006, I had just voted in the out-of-country voting for a permanent Iraqi legislature (council of representatives). It was that same day, December 15, 2006 that I, and a handful of other Iraqis had gone to meet with President Bush at the White House. After the meeting I spotted Senator McCain in the lobby of the White House sitting on a chair outside of the entrance of the Oval Office. He was there with Senator Warner waiting to meet with the President to discuss, I later read in the news, the US position on prisoner interrogation. Perhaps it was the purple stain in my index finger that led the senator from Arizona to get up from his chair and walk to me, he shook my hand and congratulated Iraq and Iraqis on this milestone achievement. He told me that such an event (Iraqi elections) makes America proud.

Please don't take me for anyone special, I am just an average Iraqi American who realizes the significance of America's continued commitment to battling Jihadists.

I will use this blog to record my thoughts on John McCain's campaign trail, especially vis-a-vis his admirable position on the the efforts in Iraq.

Stay tuned...

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