Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Meet the New Republican Party

To date, Republican voters in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Washington state and DC, Oklahoma, Maryland and Virgina have given the senator from Arizona, John McCain the thumps up for presidency of the United States.

Sorry Mr. Limbaugh but this is the new Republican Party, I am not saying this, Republicans across this land are saying this, from New York and California to the "heartland," Republicans are saying one thing, "we want McCain." They say that because they get it, we live in a world where terrorists want to kill everyone of us, those who put white sheets over their heads and burn crosses and those who read the New York Times at San Fransisco's coffee shops.

Limbaugh, Malkin and a few other ultra conservative observers have voiced concerns over McCain not being "conservative enough," well fortunately for America and unfortunately for these xenophobic freaks, the Republican Party is the Party of Republicans and not some fat racist sitting behind a mic or some self-hating Asian with an identity crisis.

This is the new Republican Party, the party that wants to defeat political Islam, the party that wants to support new democracies in the Muslim world, the party that sees in the new Iraq a partner for the war on terrorism. Again I am not saying this, the majority of the Republicans across America are saying this, they say it through the ballot boxes.

So Mr. Limbaugh please stop saying "our party" because the Republican party ain't your party, you keep barking about abortion, taxes and school vouchers and let the real Republicans such as McCain defeat global terrorism.

But we've gotta move on, congratulations Senator McCain for the Potomac victory.

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